“True” Paraphilias

This is just a rough draft of something I need to do a better job of writing and explaining later:

The internet and the word “fetish” kind of exploded into big worldwide awareness and use at the same time and speed. Now most people know about and use the internet if they have access to it, and are at least aware of the word “fetish” and that it means something sexual or kinky.

Some people get VERY UPTIGHT about using the word “fetish” so liberally, almost making it interchangeable with “turn-on”. They insist that if something isn’t a “true paraphilia”, we shouldn’t call it a FETISH.

Personally? I think that’s bullshit.

In my numerous sexual experiences – both personal (with others AND with myself) and professional – very very very few people have a kink so intrinsic to their cum trigger that they absolutely cannot get off without it BUT a great many people have a significant preference and compulsion to cum to the fetish object, characteristic or act.

Feet are one of the most familiar classic fetish examples, and also a good one to use when talking about applying the word “fetish”. I know a lot of people who get off on feet, who choose to masturbate to feet most of the time, and who experience their strongest climaxes when they are visually and/or physically stimulated by feet. THERE ARE A LOT OF FOOT FETISHISTS IN THE WORLD! Most of them also enjoy (and many even fetishize) other things in addition to feet, and can have good sex without feet being involved.

Like a lot of things in the past couple of decades, it would be great if we could talk about fetish existing on a spectrum rather than this black and white bullshit of either having a fetish so extreme as to be sexually debilitating OR just kinda liking stuff like nylon or puppy play.

This page is kind of just a bookmark / reminder of something I want to discuss more thoroughly/better when I have more time later.

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