You may be muttering, “but Trixie . . . what’s so FUNNY about fetishes, anyway? Are you making fun of people’s sexuality here?”

I do not want to make fun of people’s fetishes here, but sexuality is something people titter nervously about. Sometimes what we get off on really is funny . . . like LOTS of things about the human condition!

Fetishes are BY DEFINITION very specific things that seem removed from the arena of sex; lots of people who are unfamiliar with fetishes or don’t share particular fetishes find them humorous when they first hear about them. Many fetishists, on the other hand, feel weird and isolated by the special (and often very particular) things that turn them on.

I bought hoping to save it from someone who might make it a place to simply mock fetishists. Instead I’d like to talk about my own fetishes and explore other fetishes. I hope it will be both amusing AND edifying!

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